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What to expect

The first step is to get in touch - I can be contacted by email, phone, text or WhatsApp. If you have any questions before we arrange to meet then please feel free to ask at this stage. I may not be able to answer immediately but I will do my best to respond to you as soon as I can.

If you decide to go ahead we can then arrange a time that is suitable for us to meet for an initial session at a reduced fee of £20. During this session I will ask some questions about what you are hoping to gain from counselling and provide you with an opportunity to talk about any issues you are facing. You will also be able to ask me any questions you have.

Research says that being able to build a strong relationship with a counsellor is vital for therapy to be effective. This first hour will give you the opportunity to see if you think I am the right person for you, with no obligation to continue should you decide to look elsewhere

If we continue to work together then I will work with you to build a relationship where you feel able to share your experiences and talk about the areas of your life that brought you to counselling. Sometimes, if you feel stuck or don't know what to talk about then I can suggest things that might help the process. Sessions will be at your pace and I will regularly check with you to ensure that you are happy with how the counselling is going and that you are finding it beneficial.

Some people find that just a few sessions are all they needed to clear their head and move forward. Others need more time, sometimes months or even a couple of years. However, you are always free to choose when you want to end counselling.


If you have been through distressing or traumatic experiences it is not always easy to share these things with another person and at first you may find that you are experiencing some difficult emotions. If this is the case we can work at finding techniques to help you manage strong feelings and to ensure that each session is at a pace that feels helpful for you.

As a counsellor, I will not be looking to give you advice on how to live your life. However, in a safe, accepting environment, I can help you to explore thoughts, feelings and experiences that may have affected you or could be holding you back. Furthermore I can work with you to find your unique values, strengths and resources that can enable you to find the right way forwards for you.     



I currently offer face to face sessions in a small log cabin behind my home or remote sessions over via zoom or over the phone.

Unfortunately the cabin is not wheelchair accessible. However, providing an accessible service is important to me so  if you need a venue which is more accessible please contact me and I will try to arrange an alternative location. 

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